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This review is based on more than five sessions. My well-being was profoundly improved by reiki therapy. Deep relaxation and balance were encouraged by the practitioner’s peaceful setting, which was produced by her sensitive touch and kind approach. Both the physical and emotional components were addressed in a personalized session. I felt so much calmer and more energized when I got out. This Reiki healer is a great facilitator of healing due to their talent and compassion. To anyone looking for a peaceful and restorative experience, I heartily recommend using their services.

I had the privilege of learning Reiki from an exceptional teacher who truly embodies the essence of this healing practice. Her kindness and genuine willingness to help create a nurturing environment for learning. Passion radiates through her teachings, making each session engaging and inspiring. What sets her apart is the deep empathy she brings to the practice, fostering a connection that goes beyond the techniques taught. I am grateful for the enriching experience of learning Reiki under her guidance. Thank you Ayesha! My Monday seems incomplete without our class today 🙂

​I have had the honor and pleasure of learning my Reiki Level 1 with Ayesha. And I don’t have enough words to experience how exhilarating and emotional the whole learning experience was. The way she teaches and guides you is with a strong connection. She’s very encouraging and makes the whole learning experience one of a kind. She is one of the best Reiki Master one can I ask for.  A blessing.

A very dear friend recommended Ayesha to me for Reiki & I’m very grateful to both of them honestly. She’s an excellent teacher who’s very patient & kind with her students. I did a refresher of Reiki Level 1 & all of Reiki Level 2 with her. She was very accommodating with timings & didn’t mind explaining things if they weren’t clear the first time around. She’s very detail-oriented & her notes & material were excellent. I’m looking forward to doing Level 3 with her in the near future. Look no further if you’re interested in getting an in depth knowledge & understanding of Reiki! She’s the absolute best! Thank you Ayesha! All the best for your future endeavors.

Ayesha is one of the most qualified people teaching and practicing Reiki. She is truly committed to practice, consistently treating with Reiki and teaching the Usui System with utmost purity and light. Her power & enthusiasm is commendable. She makes you understand every bit and takes your journey to a spiritual level. I have been fortunate enough to find her and it was definitely my destiny to get this opportunity to learn from her. I would truly recommend her. Wishing you love & light Ayesha. All the best for your future endeavors.

I wanted to thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into working with me during my learning and attunement to Level 1 Reiki. You are truly a wonderful teacher, who takes care in what you do, ensures accuracy in your information, and works with integrity. You go above and beyond to be there for your students and work hard to ensure that your curriculum, and training materials, continue to grow and evolve as you do. I am so very proud that we have met on this life’s journey and that I have the honor of calling you my Level I teacher. Please continue to spread your beautiful light and helping others to brighten/acknowledge theirs; which then has a ripple effect, of spreading goodness to all.

I had learned level one from Ayesha and soon after learning reiki helped me in a really big way. I had a stroke 2 months back and giving reiki to myself has helped me recover faster and did not cause any severe damage to my body. Ayesha is a wonderful teacher and she takes her time to explain things properly. She is very easy-going and friendly. I am grateful to have been connected with her and learned from her. I have also learned level 2 from Ayesha and am definitely planning to practice and gain more knowledge in Reiki.

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