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Distance Reiki Healing



60 minutes distance healing session @ 66 CAD



Reiki helps with stress, anxiety, fatigue, physical pain, emotional trauma, hormonal imbalances, grief or heartbreak, post-surgery recovery, and many more physical and emotional issues.

In this hour long session, the Reiki practitioner will connect with you remotely, on the day and time booked by you. While the practitioner shares Reiki with you, you will be required to be seated or lying down in a comfortable position with your choice of soothing music, incense, crystals, etc., if desired.  You may (or may not) fall asleep, feel tingling sensations, warmer (or cooler), and extreme calmness.

The tools used during the healing session include Reiki, Aura cleansing, Sage and crystals – depending on the nature of the healing required.

After you have made the booking, you will receive a google (within 24 hours via email), which is required to be duly filled and submitted before the appointment date. No Reiki healing sessions will be carried out unless the form is received by the Reiki practitioner.

After the completion of the healing session, you will receive an email with the after-care required. You will also have the opportunity to get any questions answered and if you wish, share your Reiki experience.

Session Duration: 60mins.

Session Rate: $66

*Since Reiki is a subtle healing modality, regular sessions are advisable for the healing to be noticeable.*

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