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Do I Need Reiki?

Imagine waking up after a restful sleep in the morning. You get ready for a typical day in your life. All is going well, until you get stuck in traffic before an important meeting or class. You may have seen a disturbing event happening to another person or animal, or you may have heard something unpleasant on the radio. You finally reach your destination (probably just in time), your boss or teacher or even your friend, snaps at you for no fault of yours. You take a deep breath and continue to make the best of your day. The rest of the day passes uneventful. At night, you may not get a restful sleep. Next morning, when you start another day, the most trivial thing manages to upset you. Negativity begins to creep into your thoughts too (about self, others and/or events).

You continue to live in this manner. The positive in your life does not match up to the negative. The negative begins to increase (at this stage, the negative within you may be more than the negative outside). You become short-tempered, irritable, unhappy. Things that used to give you pleasure may not make any difference to you. Eventually this takes a toll on your health and your body gives in too. You get a cold, or the flu.

It’s not serious enough to go see a therapist or a doctor. Then what can help you? The answer may be REIKI.

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive energy healing technique that helps reduce stress, release negative thoughts, bring better (restful) sleep, increase energy levels, all of which leads to a healthy, happy life.

Reiki can be received from a trained Reiki practitioner either by visiting their place of work or from the comfort of one’s home through distance Reiki techniques performed by advanced Reiki practitioners. It is performed by the practitioner, who energetically connecting with the client’s energy, and shares the Universal (healing) Energy, Reiki, with the help of intention. Reiki always works for the highest good of all, hence there is no risk involved.

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