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Becoming Reiki – A Ritual Free Reiki Practice

The best way to enjoy the benefits of Reiki is to have a daily Self-Reiki practice. Nevertheless, this is the biggest challenge a newly attuned Reiki practitioner faces. The ritual of the 21 days Self-Reiki, post the attunement is in itself a daunting task. Eventually many get discouraged and seldom practice Reiki. Without a regular practice, there are times the thought of Reiki gets repressed to some deep corner of the mind, and in times of sickness or pain when a simple intention of Reiki flow can heal, we end up relying on heavy doses of medicines.

Early in my practice, I too faced difficulty in establishing a regular Reiki practice. However, with time I found the way I could Be Reiki rather than do Reiki. This helped me to imbibe the ritual-free  Reiki in my life.

By no means do I intend to deny the importance of the Reiki Rituals. Instead, I came to the realization that when we Become Reiki, the rituals too become a part of our lifestyle and we don’t have the need to consciously perform them all the time.

As for practicing mindfulness with Reiki, it can too become a constant characteristic of our lifestyle once Reiki has become an inherent aspect of our embodied spirit.

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