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5 Steps To Practice Reiki

5 steps to practice reiki

A Reiki practice can be as simplistic as you want it to be or it may be packed with rituals. Every practitioner should have a unique way they practice Reiki. It should reflect their true self. Only then can it transform from a Reiki Practice to a Reiki Lifestyle.

However, the execution of every Reiki session must have 5 steps to form its foundation. These 5 steps to practice Reiki are as follows:

  1. Gassho
  2. Precepts
  3. Reiji-ho
  4. Intention
  5. Chiryo

Gassho, in other words, palms of the hand placed together, is a ritual gesture of Eastern origin. It can be a sign of greeting, gratitude, reverence or apology. In Reiki, it symbolizes non-duality and oneness of mind, body and soul as well of the entire cosmos. The first step in to remind us of this oneness and meditate on it – what in the Reiki lingo is known as the Gassho Meditation.

The next step is to incorporate the Reiki principles/precepts into the Gassho Meditation.

Reiki Precepts

Once ready, invite Reiki to become one with your energy. This in Reiki is called Reiji-ho. Let us break up the word to understand what it means to fit our context aptly. Reiji means indication or guidance of spirit and ho stands for practice. Hence in the Reiki practice, we begin and come back to Reiji-ho anytime we need guidance from Reiki (universal energy) in order to Reiki to flow for the highest good. This too is done while in Gassho.

The fourth step is in fact a part of Reiji-ho where we set the purpose of the Reiki session. This purpose may be specific like “Reiki for aura cleansing” or “Reiki for pain relief” or “Reiki for restful sleep”. The options are unlimited and specific to the person receiving Reiki. After the specific intention setting, it is important to add ” Reiki flow for the highest good.” This intention for the highest good can be set even for a general Reiki session, when the client has no specific aspect they require Reiki for.

Finally, we begin the hands-on healing (or distance healing) with Reiki. This is known as Chiryo, the literal translation of which is treatment.

In addition to this, you may add music, sage, incense, crystals, singing bowls, etc. to your Reiki practice.

To learn more about setting Reiki intentions watch this video

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