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Reiki – Heals! My journey with Reiki began when my daughter, an infant then, complained of a tummy ache. A family member channeled Reiki, and magically relieved the pain, all by simply placing her hands on my daughter’s abdomen. I had experienced a “mother’s healing touch” as a child myself, as well as hugged & kissed my daughter’s pain (emotional and physical) away, but this was the Reiki healing touch, it was healing on a different level! There began my quest for a Reiki teacher.

Come 2015, a close contact agreed to introduce me to Reiki. I started channeling Reiki for myself & my family.

There was a marked change in my life due to Reiki. I was a calmer, happier person. It was all because of Reiki. I was empowered to create a self-care routine, wrapped in Reiki Love. Regular self-care of the mind, body & soul led to healing my inner self which amplified by Self-Love. All of this eventually led to a healthier and happier life. 

With this, I cultivated the need to learn all that was there to Reiki healing. I revisited Level 1 in 2018, obtained a certificate and continued with my Reiki education, becoming an Usui Reiki master in 2019. Today, I am an Usui/ Holy Fire® III Reiki Master and a Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master.

Reiki is an ocean and while my quest to learn more about it continues, I can now finally share my knowledge with others and introduce them to the wonderful world of Reiki, – it heals!

Reiki Practitioner

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